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G6 Bridgewater

Your Global Sourcing Partner



Our company carries a range of services including:

  • Angel Investment Opportunities

  • Information Technology support

  • Marketing

  • Wholesale distribution of commodities, such as industrial chemicals

  • Wholesale distribution and trade of Medical PPE Supplies, such as hand sanitizers, disinfectants, masks, gowns, nitrile name a few



The G6 Bridgewater group was originally formed in 2019 as a holding company for Venture Capital Investment opportunities with the vision of continuing growth into other segments of businesses. While the current global pandemic was an unforeseen and distracting obstacle, we have organically been absorbed into the wholesale chemical distribution and medical and PPE market space while we repurposed assets at some of our other organizations to help those on the front lines. This, in parallel, helped catapult G6 Bridgewater into this space while developing new relationships and partners in the industry, structuring new business and supply relationships with other distributors and manufacturers. The name Bridgewater is essentially what we do on the supply side; using our global supply chain networks to help bridge the gap on sourcing for our customers that either do not have the far reach global footprint or do not have the time to spend looking for a source.


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